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Rental FAQ.


Common Questions

  • How Many rental reservations do I need to purchase if I'm going to ski for more than 1 day?

    You only need to purchase one reservation slot. This secures you equipment and the time slot with a ski tech to pick up your equipment. If you want to rent equipment for multiple days  your ski tech will add the extra days to the rental when you pick up you skies. The difference can be paid when picking up you equipment.

  • How far in advance do i need to book my rental reservation?

  • You need to purchase you ski rental reservations 2 days in advance to your arrival date.

Skier Type:

    Skier Type is a skier classification system based on what type of skiing you will be participating in, and it determines the tension level at which your binding will be set. It is the skiers' responsibility to determine their own skier type. You will classify yourself as either a I, II, or III, I being the lowest tension setting and III being the highest. The tension setting will determine how easy or difficult it be for your boot to release from your binding in case of a fall.

  • Type I
  • Type 1 skiers prefer skiing on gently sloped terrain at slower speeds. Type 1 settings also apply to entry level skiers who may be unsure of their classification.

  • Type II
  • Type 2 skiers prefer skiing at a variety of speeds and more varied terrain.

  • Type III
  • Type 3 skiers prefer skiing at high speed in control on the steepest terrain. at higher tension settings Type 3 classification may reduce the likelihood of boot release from binding during a fall.




Base Area Map

1. Ticket Office 2. Sports Center /Ski Rental 3. Wolf Creek Lodge
4. Prospector Grill 5. Base Camp 6. Children’s Ski School
7. Boarder Dome