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Ski Rentals

No Reservation Slots Available. Please select a different time.

Reservations can only be completed using a desktop or laptop computers.  Mobile devices do not allow the completion of payment.

 Important Information: Read Before Making Your Reservation

  • Please only make reservations for your first day of skiing/snowboarding.  Additional days may be added at the time of pickup with the reservations cashier.
  • There are limited capacities for each time slot, please select a new time slot if you are having difficulties seeing availability.
  • Ski reservations are preset and will be available for pick up at the specified time.  Reservations cannot be picked up the afternoon prior.
  • Reservations close 48 hours prior to the arrival day.  Walk-in rentals are always available.  First come, first serve!
  • Skiers and Snowboarders with their own boots should not make reservations.  Reservations require renters to pay the full package price.  Please do a walk-in rental if you have your own boots.
  • For children enrolled in Wolf Pups, child beginner specific equipment may be rented directly at the Wolf Pup Location prior the start of the lesson.

Clothing, goggles and helmets are NOT available for rent, but can be purchased at Treasure Sports.

Skier Type:

You will be required to select a Skier Type when booking reservations

Skier Type is a skier classification system based on what type of skiing you will be participating in, and it determines the tension level at which your binding will be set. It is the skiers' responsibility to determine their own skier type. You will classify yourself as either a I, II, or III, I being the lowest tension setting and III being the highest. The tension setting will determine how easy or difficult it be for your boot to release from your binding in case of a fall.

  • Type I

Type 1 skiers prefer skiing on gently sloped terrain at slower speeds. Type 1 settings also apply to entry level skiers who may be unsure of their classification.

  • Type II

Type 2 skiers prefer skiing at a variety of speeds and more varied terrain.

  • Type III
  • Type 3 skiers prefer skiing at high speed in control on the steepest terrain. at higher tension settings Type 3 classification may reduce the likelihood of boot release from binding during a fall.

Questions about skier type or ability levels visit out rental FAQ's